Gm Hei 4 Pin Ignition Module Wiring Diagram

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Gm hei 4 pin ignition module wiring diagram - general motors hei ignition control with megasquirt ii there were a number of different kinds of general motors hei modules 4 pin module electronic ignition but we don t have room for exact details on each conversion since there are literally dozens of different vehicle configurations instead we ll outline the basics of how the gm hei module is chevythunder hei and electronic spark control fundamentals and troubleshooting the ignition system is an integral part of any engine s performance just a much as the fuel delivery is whether it is carbureted or fuel injection the spark duration can already range from 0 to 25 5 milliseconds the gm hei module provides a distributor like signal to megasquirt so the missing tooth settings should not be used msd ignitions install easily to a variety of applications this diagram shows the wiring with a points distributor how to wire mid 1970s through mid.

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